Monday, October 11, 2010


Gose is one of those types of beer you don't come across much.Well, at least I don't. Once a popular drink in Germany, this beer originated in the town of Goslar and was a spontaneously fermented like a lambic. Unlike lambic, however, this beer is brewed with a large salt addition. Stan Hieronymus' book Brewing with Wheat says it should be like eating crusty bread next to the ocean because of the Munich malt and salt.

I've been curious to try this beer for awhile, but it's not something that's available commercially much so I finally got around to brewing it myself. Since it should be sour like a Berliner Weiss, I built up a decent sized lactobacillus starter and pitched that on brewday along with use of a heat belt. (Lacto- likes warmer temps than ale yeast.) That will provide some lactic fermentation for a couple days, then German Ale yeast will be added. I'm looking forward to trying this one when it's ready!


brewed on: 10/10/10
OG: 1.046
IBUs: 11 IBUs
mash temp: 150F

8 lbs. German wheat malt
1 lb 13 oz Munich malt
1 lb 13 oz Pils malt

0.75 oz Hallertauer @ 3.8 - 60 minutes

Other additions:
0.65 oz coriander - 10 minutes
62 g kosher salt - knockout

1 liter Lactobacillus starter - pitched on brewday
German Ale yeast - pitched 2 days later

Apply heat belt during initial lactic fermentation. Remove and pitch yeast once temperature drops back down to 70.

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