Friday, March 30, 2012

Baltic Porter

This was my first attempt at brewing a Baltic Porter. So far, so good, although I got worse efficiency than expected and bumped up the gravity with a bit of DME. I've had the same efficiency problem on a few big beers lately where I've never had issues in several years with it before, regardless of gravity. My mill needs fixing though, and I wonder if part of it has something to do with the crush I'm getting on my grain.

This is the first lager where I had the yeast trying to crawl out of the bucket (within 2 hours, pitched at 50F!) It's also the first time I brewed a strong abv lager as well. I've pretty much stuck to Helles, Dunkel, and Kolsch prior to this.

Baltic Porter

brewed on: 4/30/12
OG: 1.086
IBUs: 42 IBUs
SRM:  31
mash temp: 142F

6 gallon batch
90 minute boil
75% efficiency assumed (got 65% in the end and bumped up with DME)

12 lbs Munich
7 lbs Pilsner
8 oz Crystal 65L (Fawcett)
8 oz Caramunich
8 oz Crystal, Extra Dark (Simpsons)
6 oz Carafa II
4 oz Chocolate (Simpsons)
1.5 lbs Extra Light DME (last 10 minutes of boil)

85 gm Saaz @ 5.5% - 60 minutes
28.3 gm Saaz @ 5.5% - 15 minutes

WY2206 Bavarian Lager cake from Munich Dunkel
primary - 52F

lagering - 5/18/12

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brandy Barrel Archaic Beer

I brewed a collaboration recipe from Sean Paxton (Homebrew Chef) and Urbain of De Struise. It was their 'Archaic Beer' meant to pay homage to beers like De Dolle's Oerbier. My original batch turned out great 2 years ago and my friend Jesse & I decided to do a 12 gallon batch to fill up my 10+ gallon brandy barrel. The main difference from last time was that we went with the Wyeast Belgian Stout strain rather than a starter made from Pannepot dregs like last time. I also opted for Dark Candi sugar (syrup) rather than the piloncillo sugar I used last time. Here's the recipe:

Archaic Beer #2

brewed on: 3/11/12
OG: 1.092
IBUs: 24 IBUs
SRM:  34
mash temp: 150F (would have preferred higher, but we undershot a bit)

12 gallon batch
60 minute boil
70% efficiency assumed

27.2 lbs Belgian pale
3.6 lbs flaked oats
2.25 lbs Caramunich
1.7 lbs flaked wheat
1.5 lbs flaked barley
1.4 lbs Dark crystal (Simpsons)
1.4 lbs Extra dark crystal (Simpsons)
1.13 lbs Crystal 20L
0.57 lbs Black malt (Simpsons)

1 lb D90 candi sugar
1 lb D180 candi sugar

118.6 g Styrian Goldings 
Wyeast Belgian Stout (limited release)

 fermented 3 weeks in primary, then racked to 10+ gallon brandy barrel