Friday, March 30, 2012

Baltic Porter

This was my first attempt at brewing a Baltic Porter. So far, so good, although I got worse efficiency than expected and bumped up the gravity with a bit of DME. I've had the same efficiency problem on a few big beers lately where I've never had issues in several years with it before, regardless of gravity. My mill needs fixing though, and I wonder if part of it has something to do with the crush I'm getting on my grain.

This is the first lager where I had the yeast trying to crawl out of the bucket (within 2 hours, pitched at 50F!) It's also the first time I brewed a strong abv lager as well. I've pretty much stuck to Helles, Dunkel, and Kolsch prior to this.

Baltic Porter

brewed on: 4/30/12
OG: 1.086
IBUs: 42 IBUs
SRM:  31
mash temp: 142F

6 gallon batch
90 minute boil
75% efficiency assumed (got 65% in the end and bumped up with DME)

12 lbs Munich
7 lbs Pilsner
8 oz Crystal 65L (Fawcett)
8 oz Caramunich
8 oz Crystal, Extra Dark (Simpsons)
6 oz Carafa II
4 oz Chocolate (Simpsons)
1.5 lbs Extra Light DME (last 10 minutes of boil)

85 gm Saaz @ 5.5% - 60 minutes
28.3 gm Saaz @ 5.5% - 15 minutes

WY2206 Bavarian Lager cake from Munich Dunkel
primary - 52F

lagering - 5/18/12

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