Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Munich Dunkel II

I decided to brew a Baltic Porter and needed a yeast cake. I was happy enough with my Dunkel last time that I re-brewed the same recipe, but went with some water adjustments this time. I'm trying to be better about water adjustments in general since our water is a bit low in calcium.

Munich Dunkel (2)

brewed on: 4/11/12
OG: 1.048
IBUs: 22 IBUs
SRM:  17.5
mash temp: 150F

6 gallon batch
60 minute boil
75% efficiency assumed

5 lbs Munich malt
5 lbs Vienna malt
6 oz Carafa II

51 gm Hallertauer @ 3.9% - 60 minutes
7 gm Hallertauer @ 3.9% - 20 minutes

0.2g gypsum
0.4g baking soda
0.7g calcium chloride

0.3g gypsum
1.2g calcium chloride
WY 2206 Bavarian Lager
primary: ~53F.
4/25 - Raised to 64F for diacetyl rest.
4/27 - Racked to secondary and into lagering chamber at ~30F.

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