Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick Berliner Weiss

The method for this brew is a little different than normal. I started by tossing a handful of MO and wheat malt into 1L of starter wort. After a few days the pH had dropped to 3.5 which is low enough to kill off most of the funkier bacteria, like enterobacter, that lead to vomit aroma in the beer.

Once the starter was ready I did a normal mash with the grain, followed by a 15 minute boil to kill off anything alive in it. The sour starter is then pitched and the wort is allowed to sour over a few days at a warm temperature. My garage should be alright this summery time of year. Then, another 15 minute boil with the hops for just a few IBUs. This kills off the souring bugs. After chilling, WY German Ale yeast is pitched and the beer ferments and is dealt with normally from then on.

Quick Soured Berliner Weiss

brewed on: 4/20/12
OG: 1.036
IBUs: 5.7 IBUs
SRM:  3.1
mash temp: 153F

6 gallon batch
75% efficiency assumed

4 lbs Pils
4 lbs Wheat malt

25 gm Hallertau @ 3.9 - 15 minutes

step 1 - sour starter
step 2 - WY 1007 German Ale

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